About Hargrave

Hargrave Project Management is a team of dedicated and highly experienced property advisors who specialize in providing strategic property services to private and corporate organisations.

We have worked in a wide range of property sectors and continuously strive to add value to our client businesses and develop strong relationships with our customers.

Hargrave Project Management’s strength lies in its people and their values. From the vision and integrity of the company’s founders, Dr. Tony Lanigan and Simon Jacks, Hargrave Project Management has developed an ethos that supports trust, integrity and respect.

Our objective is to ensure you achieve the best return from the development by carefully defining briefs, analysing proposals, establishing costs, recommending suitable contractual relationships and achieving the successful completion of the development.

Our approach to quality focused attributes include;

  • Fast tracking, balancing speed of construction buildability, design and budget.
  • Quality control through peer reviews, audits and governance
  • Commitment through highly competent staff, latest technology and proven project procedures.