Hargrave Project Management
Acting For and On Behalf of Clients with Regards to Health and Safety

September 2016

Hargrave Project Management works with our clients with regard to meeting their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and associated regulations.

As required by law principals cannot delegate their obligations with regard to Health and Safety.  The client needs to understand they are “Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking” or PCBU as defined under the Act and therefore have specific responsibilities under the Act.  There are significant, uninsurable personal consequences should clients fail to meet these responsibilities.   If our client is not suitably prepared in this field then we recommend they engage a specialist consultant to review and recommend procedures that are appropriate to the level of risk associated with the contract or activities they intend to let.

When engaged as a Project Manager, Hargrave Project Management assists our clients by;

  • As our client’s agent we establish a Site Health and Safety Plan for each and every project.  This will govern how Health and Safety is managed on their project.
  • As our client’s agent we will possess and maintain our company’s Health and Safety Policy and Procedures in accordance with the current Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • As our client’s agent  we will report Health and Safety matters and statistics that have arisen from the site checks, audits and reporting outlined in the Site Health and Safety Plan which will form part of the information our client needs to consider as ‘due diligence’ in the matters of Health and Safety with their project.

On our client’s behalf we will undertake checks to establish that potential contractors are suitably experienced and that their safety systems and intentions are suitable for the nature of the contract.   At the conclusion of these checks we will make a recommendation to the client on the chosen contractor’s suitability with respect to Health and Safety but it is important to note that we cannot make the final decision on their behalf.   The client ultimately has overall responsibility and therefore they must have the final say.

To empower the client it is important that the contract agreement is detailed with regard to requiring the contractor to maintain high levels of safety performance throughout the contract works, especially at the commencement of these works.   Hargrave Project Management works with our clients to facilitate that suitable mechanisms are built into construction contracts to ensure both that appropriate safety on site is a contractual obligation and that regular independent safety checks by the contractor are mandatory within this agreement.

Once construction work is underway the contractor (as they are best placed to control these elements from that point onward) is responsible for conducting all works and activities at the worksite in a safe and compliant manner.   On our client’s behalf we will undertake regular checks that the contractor is documenting evidence of their ongoing safety measures and performance in accordance with the Site Health and Safety Plan.   As the principal has the ultimate responsibility for the contractor’s performance we recommend our clients engage suitably qualified Health and Safety experts to undertake site and documentation audits throughout the duration of the contract works engagement.