Josh Milne

Project Manager
Masters of Construction Management, BA/B.Com

Josh joined Hargrave at the beginning of 2011 and after spending the majority of his first year both assisting and managing refurbishment fit-outs for a well-established fast-food restaurant chain, he joined the AUT team to work on the Sir Paul Reeves Building with Neil, and has been managing projects with AUT ever since. Some of Josh’s key skills include:

  • Relationship development and engagement with stakeholders and future users
  • Programme creation, development and trackingCo-ordination of the project team and facilitation of a collaborative environment
  • Liaising with territorial authorities for issues arising from all necessary consents and compliances
  • Input into procurement strategy and contract preparation
  • Big picture thinking
  • Significant retention of overall and individual project information
  • Josh has a keen interest in using modern procurement and project management practices, alongside technology, to deliver the best solution for a client

Having graduated with a BA/B.Com majoring in psychology and marketing, at the end of 2014 he completed his Masters of Construction Management through AUT. Josh offers a low stress, thorough and professional project management style, and is currently in charge of the new ‘MH Building’ under construction at AUT South and due to open for Semester 1, 2017.