AUT – ETD Building

Combining Engineering and Computer Maths Science faculties into a 18,000m2 world leading learning facility.

AUT – MH Building

On track to open for Semester 1, 2017, the 11,200m2 new MH building at AUT’s South Campus is set to become the centrepiece for tertiary education in South Auckland.

AUT – AF Building

The AF Building on AUT’s North Campus underwent a partial ground floor refit to provide new “tech central and CSL spaces a first for the Akoranga campus.

AUT – ETD Building (Enabling Works Projects)

AUT’s new City Campus development, the Engineering, Technology and Design (ETD) Precinct brings together their Engineering and Computer Maths Science faculties into a state of the art learning facility.

AUT – South Campus Carpark

With AUT’s rapidly evolving South Campus a shortage of car parking was quickly becoming an issue. Hargrave provided project management of a new car parking facility for their South Campus.

AUT – ME Building (Mod Quad)

The Modular Quadrant, known as the ‘ModQuad’ provided 1600m2 of new floor area for AUT, with design and construction completed in just 9 months.

AUT – MA Building (Interior Refit)

The MA Building of AUT University South Campus underwent a full retrofit during the summer to allow for the creation of an anchor building as the start the campus development.

AUT – Northmed Health Clinic

Continuing the close relationship AUT has with Hargrave Project Management we have been appointed to Project Manage their Interprofessional Health Clinic Project.

AUT – WT Building

AUT’s school of Design Creative Technologies, wanted to create a new and more welcoming entrance more representative of the school, along with a full revamp of the rest of the floor.