What makes Hargrave stand out? Our team and their ability to create solutions to problems which clients didn’t think were solvable. Our people embody openness, honesty, trust, integrity, fairness, professionalism, concern for others and a commitment for getting the job done well. We focus on maximising our contribution to your operation; we are totally committed to quality solutions and a professional delivery.

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Advisory Board
  • Simon Jacks
    Over his 30 years of industry experience, Simon has honed and developed a highly reputable set of professional skills and principles that defines the way he approaches his work and leads his team:
  • Roger Recordon
    With a total of 30 years’ experience in design and development of commercial, residential, tourism and retail property, Roger attributes his 20 years at leading consultancy Beca and 6 years with current firm Hargrave to his highly disciplined approached to strategic management and leadership.
  • Neil Poulton
    Neil has over 15 years’ experience in the property development and project management industry and after successfully delivering AUT’s new 20,000m2 Sir Paul Reeves Building, is working with AUT to assist them in planning developments across all of their campuses.
  • Ross Menzies
    Ross’s 15 years of experience in the construction industry and his background in Quantity Surveying provides an in-depth understanding of the programming, costs and feasibility analysis associated with commercial and residential developments.
  • Josh Milne
    Josh joined Hargrave at the beginning of 2011 and after spending the majority of his first year both assisting and managing refurbishment fit-outs for a well-established fast-food restaurant chain, he joined the AUT team to work on the Sir Paul Reeves Building with Neil, and has been managing projects with AUT ever since.
  • Adrian Warwick
    Adrian has been heavily involved in AUT campus development projects on all 3 campuses. Additionally he has been involved in residential development feasibility and consultation.
  • Russell Shepherd
    Russell joined Hargrave Project Management in June 2015. He brings to the team 6 years’ experience in civil construction in leadership roles and has recently completed his bachelor of construction studies in 2014.
  • Anne Hall
    Both personable and highly organized, Anne's background in accounting administration gives her great attention to detail and organizational skills, which are highly valuable to the rest of the Hargrave team.
  • Dale Turkington
    Dale has an extensive range of skills and knowledge in the building industry, with over 40 years of experience internationally and within New Zealand.